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The Hugs 2015

Sean Allen [Photo]

“Their latest, the four-song EP ‘Wherever You Go’, is perhaps their most polished to date. With Appaloosa, frontman Danny Delegato and drummer Skyler Weaver, the Hugs have crafted a fine pop record that threatens to flirt with the zeitgeist.” …


The Hugs – Wherever You Go [Single Announcement]

Wherever You Go Art

It’s with great pleasure and excitement to announce The Hugs new single –  officially streaming today! - ‘Wherever You Go’ - Download + Buy Track Now!


‘Wherever You Go’ – The New Single by The Hugs.
Released 6th of January, 2015. Including 3 rare-demo’s!

Purchase/Buy Single [4-Tracks]:…

Artwork Design by:

Chris Bigalke + Danny Delegato  – []


Garage. Psych. Pop. / / Since 2007 / / Portland, Oregon. USA

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